Tea 2017:

Tea has been seen around town minus it’s petals and pearls!

“Is that Tea?”, they say.  “It can’t be!”

Still Tea: With Sprig of Thyme

But it is tea.  Tea turning heads by it’s emergent style and innovation.

Tea does have interesting attributes and one of the easiest to observe is the variation in colour the tea leaf, when exposed to differing soil and climatic conditions, as well as varied methods of preparation, is able to achieve.

Lapsang souchong: House-on-fire

Here Lapsang souchong is seen in the company of a traditionally built African tea …


We have attracted an audience of colourful acquaintances …


Now in this day and age it is a rare online tea merchant who does not at least try to educate the buyer.  So there is a lot of information about tea out there.

The Dilmah tea site, at http://www.dilmah.co.nz, is informative and there are videos about how to make a good cup of tea – all of which leaves little excuse for the hospitality industry I’m afraid.

Much of what I know about the preparation of green tea I have learned from Diary of a Northern Teaist – one of the great blogs I follow here on WordPress – with the addition of a few good books.  Alas, if only I had not consumed so much of my special Dragonwell tea (gifted to me by a world traveller) before I learned that I may steep green tea for more than the single time recommended for black tea.

For those who wish to keep up with current tea news there is World Tea News and  World of Tea.  To be read with a suitably colourful tea – as always.


4 replies on “Tea: Liquid Colour

  1. A very interesting post! As we often drink tea in mugs the colour is not often thought about but I will take note now. Argg….Lapsang souchong is one of my husband’s favourite brew but is has a strong distinct fragrance! Now, I feel in need of a cuppa..gingseng with lemon methinks!


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