First flush 2017 Darjeeling from Chamong estate is retailing at £40.00 for 90 grams at Twinings Tea!  This equates to approximately $80.00 NZ!

Image: Pixabay


This week I conducted a quick survey of the price of Darjeeling in New Zealand.  Stocks of Darjeeling are expected to run low due to recent unrest in West Bengal.  The good news: efforts are being made toward negotiation with labourers and separatists – but the situation is obviously still volatile.

Germany’s warehouses may hold the healthiest stocks of Darjeeling, however, Darjeeling lovers are advised to seek high altitude Ceylon, Assam or Nepalese tea if (or when) the Darjeeling runs out.  Beware of Nepalese tea selling as Darjeeling at Darjeeling prices.

The price rise can not be blamed entirely on recent events though. Previous to the unrest drought conditions followed by floods have helped to steadily inflate the value of Darjeeling tea.  According to India Times Darjeeling is already four times more costly than it was a year ago.

Quick search for Darjeeling in New Zealand: IMG_3391

Tea Campaign New Zealand:  Sold out.

Tea Total: $18.00 per 100g (Margaret’s Hope) and, seemingly near last years price, a 2017 Darjeeling Jungpana First Flush at $20.00 per 100 grams!  I doubt this will be top grade.

Teaseme: $10.90 for 50 grams.

Harney & Sons: $17.90 for 115 grams.

Tea and Coffee Lovers: $13.50 for 100 grams (Pottabung)

t leaf T:  $21.90 for 100 grams (Makaibari Organic)


India Times: Nepal Tea Getting Sold as Costly Darjeeling Tea

World of Tea: Darjeeling and the Rise of Gorkhaland

World Tea News: Security Forces Sent to Quell Darjeeling Unrest

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