“The most important thing is fun.  Life is too short to be serious.  If I had to put our development process into words, it would probably be “Learning by Laughing.”” – Peter Guest

I arrived home from my holiday safe and sound, if not completely exhausted.  The flight back was like a theme park ride – they called it Turbulence. Then there was the purgatory of the airport terminal, where dreary instructions are piped through the arrival and departure lounges. “Air New Zealand is a security conscious airport.  Please do not leave your baggage unattended.”  “Air New Zealand is a safety conscious airport.  Please do not allow children to play on the escalators.”  Orwellian and humourless, but that is how it is with air travel today.

IMG_4186Needless to say I was dieing for a cuppa by the time I got in, home, where to my delight a small parcel awaited me.  I already knew the contents and the stamps were a clue: Deutsche Post, Luftpost.  The Assender Notizen, signed by Peter Guest of Krauter Gallery’s tea stall, said “I hope you are giving my gorgeous teas. With passion and devotion I dedicate myself to doing my work.  Especially to share with you my teas which I really believe will enrich your life, create a sense of wellbeing and conjure up a smile into your face.” [Disclaimer: Translation by Google]

2017-06-30 23.35.16Peter has a tea stall at Viktualienmarkt in Munchen, the Farmers Market of Farmer’s Markets, and so, just to recap the story thus far, I have been sent 100 grams of the champagne of teas from a tea merchant who has a stall at the Grandfather of all European markets.  If that doesn’t put a smile on my face then nothing can!

Will Peter Guest’s Darjeeling tea enrich my life? Be assured dear reader, I report with confidence, this tea has already put a smile on my face just by showing up. I consider this tea to be life-saving.

Will this tea create a sense of wellbeing in me? Yes! The wellbeing effect of tea has already been scientifically observed. It is true.  Tea can make you feel better.  I feel better already.

IMG_4180Will this tea conjure a smile into my face?

The most important thing is fun.  Life is too short to be serious.  If I had to put our development process into words, it would probably be “Learning by Laughing.””

Learning by laughing … I really like that.

Thank you Mr Peter Guest, tea merchant, artist and philosopher.

This tea gets five bright smiles from me.  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I collected many smiles while on holiday.  After all, this is what holidays are about, the smiles and laughter.  Now, happily, while sorting through my photos I am smiling all over again.  My smile is especially smiley as I study a posed family shot, a deadly serious ritual, because who knows when everyone will be in the same place at the same time again! But there is always one; always that one who just has to pull a silly face – isn’t there?!

Laughing Out Loud as they say!

This produce stall at Blueskin Bay, Otago, is not taking itself too seriously either.









4 replies on “Laughing With Tea

  1. I’m smiling at your beautiful post!😀 How wonderful to receive the parcel of tea from Mr Peter Guest all the way from Munich – he looks like a great guy with a wonderfully positive attitude to life – here’s to learning by laughing! 😀😃

    Grr…airports are a nightmare and soul-destroying…it takes an effort to listen beyond the bland messages and the bright lights of commercialism and the endless queueing. A cuppa is just what’s needed after such an endurance test! ☕️So glad you had a great holiday … it’s always worth the hassle, I find…so far at least!

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