An amino acid found in tea, theanine, is responsible for producing the relaxed feeling tea is famous for.


When that thing called Life begins to take itself too seriously there are a number of actions I have learned to take.  Usually I take a walk in the fresh air, stick a few flowers in a jar and follow up with a brisk cup of tea.  For me, taking a cup of tea is as good as hanging a sign over my door: ‘Back in five.’  Tea is the daily routine I never neglect.  Not now.


I am aware that many of us procrastinate when it comes to taking time-out.  (People depend on me!)  Yet there is no way around it, we do need time-out from the everyday seriousness of earning a living, looking after children, supporting spouses, partners, friends and relatives; supporting clubs, schools, churches, etc., etc., or maybe we just need time-out from the news.


It is time for tea …  at Macrae’s Mine, Otago, New Zealand

Beside the presence of theanine in the leaf, the ritual of tea is relaxing.  From the preparation of the brew to the sampling, tea, sipped from a favourite cup in a quiet setting, is relaxing.  Any kind of ritual can help us to take time-out though.  Rituals are comforting because we know exactly what will come next; there are no surprises where ritual is concerned.  I just happen to like the ritual of tea, morning, noon and night.

Tea gives lift.

There is no law to say we must take time-out on our own either. Time-out need not force us into seclusion.  If you can talk someone into taking tea and time-out with you – then all the better!  When we take time, we may get to see the world through different eyes.


 ‘Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you’ – Anon.  Mediate upon that while you sip your tea …

A nice cup of Keemun in the sun

A cup of tea is time-out when I do not have time to take time out.  And time-out and tea are both good for me.





6 replies on “Tea and Time-out

  1. A lovely post and I agree wholeheartedly with your passion about tea and time out. It is a real tradition here in the UK and even when out and about; at the weekend my husband and I had a whole day by the seaside and managed to visit three cafes during the day,having tea twice -just perfect. Oh, I love the last cup and saucer, it’s so beautiful and lovely photos through your post. 😀


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