At the Hunger Monger they serve fish. Fish, glorious fish in all it’s many forms.  So what has this to do with tea?  Answer: Fish may be the first course at The Hunger Monger but whoever heard of a fish dessert?  Not me.  So in this story tea features at the end.

The Hunger Monger is the name of the newest restaurant/café to open on Napier’s Marine Parade.  Over summer foot traffic will thicken to dense at this location.  I checked out the reviews of The Hunger Monger on Trip Advisor – there are more reviews on Facebook too.  I found reviewers stood almost unanimous: ‘Great service’, ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’ were frequently used words, and also ‘friendly’.  ‘Melt-in-mouth’, ‘chips crispy’, the reviews went on and on about that most intangible of assets, the atmosphere.

The menu at Hunger Monger includes Sashimi and Poached Salmon with Coconut braised Chard and Cider Ginger Apple sauce, as well as New Zealand’s favourite kaimoana (seafood) dish, Fish ‘n’ Chips.  Social status does not  count here. The Hunger Monger is an eatery more likely to be found on Cuba Street than in provincial Napier.  The décor is retro and re-cycled – it is like everyone’s  auntie’s kitchen.  Only cooler.

Finally, The Hunger Monger serves a decent pot of tea and the dessert menu offers Tea-infused Crème Brûlée.  Tea-infused.


I love happy endings.


Disclaimer: There are no images of real fish in this post because this blog is about tea.







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