A plastic-free Christmas? Is it even possible?  No, not absolutely plastic-free anyhow.  All I can aim for is a severely plastic-reduced Christmas.  I will avoid goods wrapped in excessive amounts of plastic, reject plastic kitchenware, toys, storage ideas, plastic wraps, plastic hair accessories, cosmetics … I will need to be on my guard because plastic is everywhere.

We have heard about it: excessive use of plastics is damaging the environment.  Yet more and more products come to us encased in plastic.  At first I thought it was merely a matter of re-cycling and then of  buying plastics that ‘break down’ in sunlight.  However recently I read how plastics continue to break down into smaller and smaller particles.  That means: just because we don’t see the plastic that don’t mean it ain’t there – and what we can see is bad enough.  Smaller and smaller organisms, so small we cannot see them in soil or water, are struggling against our love affair with plastic.  The aphorism, what you can’t see won’t hurt, does not apply here.  Eventually we are going to be eating and breathing plastic.

This Christmas I am able to get away with books and soft toys for grandchildren since these products are not packaged in bullet proof plastic.  My resolve will be more of a challenge as the children get older though.   For adults I will make my own Christmas gifts and traditionally I have made jams, jellies and biscuits.  Unfortunately one or two difficult people in my family have gone off sugar. Never mind, I am not easily put off, and coinciding with my year of all things tea I am making tea-themed gifts using scissors, paper and of course tea.


These tea-favours are easy and fun to make and they can be made as personalised as you wish.  You will need good quality individually wrapped tea bags or, if making your own tea bags, wrap these in either fabric or paper to avoid deterioration and contamination.  Once you have purchased, or made your tea bags, simply staple a tea bag to a length of card which you have cut to the width and twice the length of your tea bag plus enough to fold over at each end. Staple the tea bag to the top edge of card and then fold to encase the tea bag in it’s envelope.  You will need a dot of glue or sticky-tape (plastic) to keep the tea packet closed.

All my little tea-favours need now is a personal message or quote.

“Even though you are miles from me, close at heart you will always be.”  

It’s a start. 🙂




5 replies on “Scissors, Paper, Tea

  1. What a beautiful gift idea…so personal and the special greeting is a tender final touch! 😀 These will be warmly received, I’m sure – I always love getting homemade presents. Enjoy creating these gifts! 😀

    Yikes, I know, it’s almost impossible to get away from plastic and the retailers don’t seem to be listening to consumers who want more consideration put into packaging.

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