Tea by Leaf is wrapping it up for the year.  “We’re all goin’ on a summer holiday … won’t be back for a week or two  … ”  Yep. We’re breaking into song because it’s summer holiday time.  That means we’ll go to the beach. We’ll fit in as many picnics and barbecues as we can – and coincidently both these popular holiday time activities go well with tea – and we’ll just hang with family and friends around citronella candles mostly.  There has been no official research conducted into the benefits of taking tea outdoors but we do not need research to prove to us that tea tastes better outdoors.  It does.



I have learnt more than I thought there was to know about tea this year.  The more you know the more there is to know it seems.  I hope you have learned something too.

Final warning: Three days to go.  Head to a high-end supermarket, or speciality tea store, browse the trendy (or traditional) packaging and select.  Wrap creatively.

Not feeling particularly creative today? Well research has shown tea aids creativity.  Have a cup of tea, wait a few minutes and see what happens.   If nothing happens and you need further prompting then a quick web search, ‘Gift wrap ideas’, will be immensely valuable.  And you’ve had a nice cup of tea in the meantime.

Remember, wherever you are on the journey, a cup of tea can’t hurt.  On the contrary.  A cup of tea taken at regular intervals along the way will improve the road ahead.  That’s my belief anyhow.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and peace to you all.  Ka kite ano.  Until then.

7 replies on “Wrapping it up

  1. A belated Merry Christmas and hope you had a wonderful time! It sounds wonderful with the picnics and going to the beach…just perfect and seems like ages since it was summer here! Interesting you mention tea outside as I think I never have a cup of tea outside; if it’s warm I’ll opt for a cold drink. Must try it…in a few months!! Enjoy the rest of the holidays and it’s been a delight to meet you here and learn all about tea…and a lot more!


    1. Thank you for reading! I feel quite honoured as you must be very busy with your own writing and wordpress life! I have forgotten what winter is like already … guess I’ll be reminded in a few months time … Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and Happiness for the New Year.

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