Caution, these jokes are really corny …

Q:What kind of tea do cats like?

A: Pu-erh, Pu-erh.


What did Romeo say to Juliet?

Sencha love to me.


Why was the teacher upset?

Because the children were playing with Matcha.


What did the tea bag say to the glass of water?

You’re tisane!


Why don’t pirates drink matcha?

Because their ships are loaded with Gunpowder. 


What did the pirate name his son?

Lung Jing Silver Tips.


What did Earl Grey say to Lady Grey?

You’ve steeped oolong, darjeeling.


What kind of tea do movie stars drink?

Keemun Leaves 


Please feel free to add to this list of silly jokes using tea-words. Or just leave a comment anyway!




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