Ora means health or well-being.  He reka te ti ora nei.  Translation: Is delicious the healthy tea this.  I am not just saying that.  I have found a flavoured green tea I love.  Top shelf.  Price on request.


Ti Ora tastes healthy, looks pretty and I’m feeling very good about my life choices right now after a single cup.  This little bag of wellbeing defies everything I believe about healthy – throw away that spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. The vapours from the steaming cup could be used in an aromatherapy session.  Apple, strawberry, sultana and pomegranate make this tea smell like a dessert while the astringent green tea and bitter kawakawa give it lift.  A cheerful flavour indeed!

I was curious about the addition of kawakawa in this blend. Kawakawa, a native shrub of New Zealand, is a home remedy for pain, especially toothache, is used for skin complaints, boils, bladder troubles, and is a general tonic.  To further recommend it – mosquitoes do not like.  A poultice of the leaves, should you ever require a poultice, can be made by wilting the leaves over a fire.


I can definitely taste the medicinal kawakawa in the blend and it works with the strawberry and pomegranate that’s for sure.  The cleverness of the balance surprises me.

It’s been a matter of trial and error trying to find the green teas I really like.  With this blend the green tea flavour is somewhat overcome by the fruit but the awakening effect of the tea is still present.  Yes it is more expensive than the average tea and has a very long name, still, Ti Ora Strawberry & Pomegranate Green Tea with KawaKawa, a product of The Bell Tea Company, is now my favourite flavoured green tea.  For now.  There is no shortage of competition among the tea blenders these days.

Remember: Do not pour boiling water over green tea.  Let the water rest after boiling for a minute or so.

Love your tea.



11 replies on “Ti Ora

      1. Great! Please, find out! I longer for learning the true reason. I have tasted the green tea brewed both with boiled and not boiled water and I have found out that various sorts behave in a various way. Too strong, if I can use such an expression, indeed become bitter, while my favourite green tea with jasmine on the contrary.


  1. You’ve sold me!! 😀 Wish I was drinking that now … it looks and sounds delicious and unusual; you’re an expert at describing teas as if they are sweets, but better! I liked learning about KawaKawa and all its properties! Have a lovely Friday and weekend! 😀🌺


  2. I love historic fiction and one bit all cultures seem to have in common is boiling herbs and spices to make a hot drink. Aka, tea. I love your description of this one. I’m tempted to try it.


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