Have I packed everything?  Too bad if I haven’t.

E noho ra North Island!  (Spot the bikes.)


After  3 1/2 hours on the ferry we have a long drive to Greymouth on the West Coast ahead of us.  In Murchison people are walking about in gumboots and there is even a Tea Room!  (Most Tea Rooms have changed their identity to ‘Cafe’ by now. )


I can’t believe the amount of RV’s on the road but there is no one about when we stop for a cuppa – probably because the track down to the river is only suitable for 4 wheel drives.

Uh oh … here’s trouble …


That’s a weka.  A weka is a bit like a chicken only with criminal intent.  Weka will steal anything they can get their beaks on.  I saw a weka steal a bar of soap a camper dropped on the ground once. They are fast, very sneaky and the sound of zippers opening and closing seems to excite them.  They can and often do work in gangs. Once weka have their beaks on an item of interest they race off into the bush to stash it – somewhere.  No one knows where weka hide their ill gotten gain, or even what they do with it, but there are legends about large stashes of weka-treasure in the New Zealand bush.

This weka is hoping for a free cuppa

There are a number of ways you can get across the mighty Buller River.  There is the usual way, over a bridge, or you can take a jet boat, or a raft or canoe.  We took the flying fox.


Destination Greymouth:


To be continued …




8 replies on “Tea On The Road

  1. What a fascinating tea journey! Mmmmm….and the bird is obviously a big tea lover! By the way, may be you know history of Earl Grey tea? Please, post it. It’s one of my favourite kinds. I wish to learn its roots. Thanks.
    Have a nice tea day!

    Best wishes,

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