I couldn’t resist it.  Blog experts say ‘use catchy titles for posts’ and what could be catchier than that?!  Tarras is a real place but it is the last place on earth I would go in search of a mango.  The joke is not even mine.  According to legend, an infamous New Zealand poet, Sam Hunt, visited the only store in Tarras in search of this so called last mango.  We stopped in Tarras, looking for a cup of tea.

The Lindis Pass with Bride and Groom

Tarras is positioned at the southern end of the Lindis Pass.  If you look carefully, in the photo, you can see two tiny figures on top of a hill in the bottom right hand corner.  The couple, Japanese we think, were having their wedding photos taken.  They looked like decorations on top of a giant wedding cake.  The spectacle was so fascinating people were stopping to stare.  Unfortunately there was nowhere to pull off the road for quite a distance and we did not have a foot long lens on our camera so you will have to get a magnifying glass to see them. They are there!  It was about 3 degrees Celsius and I was concerned the bride would have hypothermia after the photo shoot.

So we’re goin’ to Tarras.  We can’t avoid Tarras. The Lindis Pass funnels vehicles into Tarras like a drafting gate funnels sheep into stock yards.  You feel trapped by the two stores and the loo’s.  I’m glad we stopped in Tarras though, because we found tea and the tea was exceptional.  As was the open fire, the lamb and mint wrap, the toasty thing with loads of cheese, and the prices.  ‘Who cares’, we said, ‘we’re on holiday’.  (See how that works?)


An hour later, warmer and lighter of purse, we leave Tarras behind because we, like everyone else on this road, are heading into Central Otago.  I have a little non-tea business to attend to in Alexandra and then it’s on to Ophir – where King Solomon aquired all his gold I believe.




6 replies on “The Last Mango in Tarras

  1. Wow! First of all I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the photo of Lindis Pass … stunning atmospheric place and I thought it was an oil painting. With zoom I could spot the happy (very cold!)couple seeking their classic wedding shot! Yeah, glad the tea was good if the prices not so great. What is it about travel and eating out!!? Ps. Terrific eye-catching title!!


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