This years Queen’s Birthday post is better and shorter …

Monday 5th 4th of June was Queen’s Birthday in New Zealand – a public holiday.

Each year among most Commonwealth nations there begins a kind of birthday-a-thon.  The Queen’s birthday-a-thon.   It starts on April 21st in the Falkland Islands then it’s Canada’s turn in May. New Zealand, United Kingdom, Tuvalu, Australia, Gibraltar, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands as well as Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, (in the South Atlantic), keep the date sometime in June.   What would be the point of being Queen if you were allowed only the one birthday each year!

On Queen’s Birthday qualifying members of the Commonwealth are awarded titles.  These people are recognised in an official capacity, reported proudly in local media and each recipient has their name printed on an honours list and henceforth will be referred to as Lady Such and Such or Sir So and So.  Today people are fairly cynical about it all  – especially those who do not receive awards.

On Queen’s Birthday  I wonder: what would I say to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II over a cup of tea?  My 2017 conversation with Her Royal Highness went quite well actually.  Here is an excerpt …

Me: Hello Ma’am. Isn’t it a lovely day?

The Queen: Yes, indeed, we do think the day splendid.

Then the Queen (referring to an imminent Lions vs All Blacks match) asks: Who do you think will win?

Me: (Gulp)  Where there is tea there is hope Ma’am … What a delicious cup of tea your Royal Highness serves here at Buckingham Palace, Ma’am.  So reviving!  Is it Twinings?

This year, 2018, over a cup of English Breakfast, Her Royal Magesty and I talked about slippers.

Me: I do like your tartan slippers Ma’am.

The Queen: Yes they are splendid slippers.  We believe we got them from Harrods in 1975.  There are so many silly kinds of slippers around these days – don’t you agree?

Me: Yes indeed Ma’am there are a lot of silly slippers around these days. I must say your slippers still look quite sturdy for their age.

The Queen: Sturdy soles are the secret to long lasting slippers; sturdy soles and soft inners and you can’t go wrong with tartan – it goes with everything.

Me: Of course Ma’am. Thank you Ma’am and, happy birthday Ma’am.

The Queen: Oh really?  Is it my birthday again? Why it seems only last week!


English Breakfast tea tastes better in a posh cup I always think.


3 replies on “The Queen’s Birthday Series: Conversations With The Queen

  1. These are brilliant imaginary conversations with The Queen! I’m chuckling away at her 1975 sturdy slippers … and of course they’d have to be tartan! How interesting about the different birthdays for the Queen across the commonwealth- I had no idea of this! Every day learning something new! 😀

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