Whether you read for pleasure or to gain knowledge (or both) I think you will like this book by Jeff Koehler.  I’ve read it twice.


“A fascinating portrait of the region and a story rich in intrigue and Empire, full of romance, it illuminates the historic, arcane and changing world of this celebrated tea.”  Amazon.


It’s not just about tea though

It’s about India and Britain and real characters in this wonderful setting, the tea estates of Darjeeling.

Here is a sip of Jeff Koehler’s writing:

The mighty Brahamaputra River cleaves Assam in half …”

Waffling on a decisive course for action the Tea Committee hedged it’s bets …”

Summers in the Darjeeling hills are hot and dry, the sky generally cloudless but not vibrant: azure with a cataract of haze.”

If you were to pair this book with a cup of Darjeeling, or Orange Pekoe, you would not go wrong.



7 replies on “Darjeeling: A History of the World’s Greatest Tea, by Jeff Koehler

  1. Wonderful descriptive excerpts from this unusual book … and I can well imagine it being much more than just about the tea! Thank you so much for sharing and one I’d love to read if I came across it!

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    1. I know what you mean .. but it is very British if anything. (The Indians being more British than the British over their tea. I fell in love with Northern India thanks to this book. It is a place I would really like to experience now.


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