Why?  Why promote tea?

* For the love of Tea! And because tea, at least here in New Zealand where I am based, has earned the reputation of curly leafed parsley.

* To elevate tea in the hospitality industry, home and office because standards have slipped – anything goes.


During the 1990’s coffee gained a fashionable corporate / European image.  Coffee took us out.  It took us to urban-industrial or bohemian decorated cafes.  Meanwhile tea stayed at home in it’s fluffy slippers.

Today baristas practically levitate to bring us coffee just the way we like it while good old dependable tea has persisted with the rule: Take it as it comes.  Be thankful it is wet.

This supposed tea-etiquette is responsible for the dwindled status of tea in both public and private spheres.  Why bother to make a superior cup of tea when the tea-drinker does not care how it comes?

Fortunately rumours, in conjunction with a number of favourable signs, indicate the status of tea is improving.  Tea is on the move – again!

How will we elevate tea?

We will start by celebrating with tea.  Then we might experiment with tea – take a few risks to enliven our tea experience.  We should probably find out as much about tea as we are able, gather our resources, talk with interesting tea-people and go out with tea.  Let’s see where tea will take us.